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Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Aged Beauty" is the theme at Inspiration Avenue

Here I am
other known as
This is my newest Blog and thought I would submit through it today=

While pondering aged beauty and the theme I do not have a lot of old things I have not photographed but then there are the things in nature as in the Eagles I love photographing and they are old and aged and the Whatcom County Mt. Baker region we are not far from so I combined the two and whoa la Aged beauty it is!!
Come see more at Inspiration Avenue and a big thanks to Luthien for hosting this week!!   AWESOME challenge!!


  1. I can't believe you were able to catch that eagle on! It's a beautiful picture, Shel.

  2. I LOVE your choice of subject matter and WOW your technique is FAB- I am in awe of that beautifully placed shadow!

  3. Funny how eagles always seem old and wise... like owls.
    Great shot Shel!

  4. This is a beautiful image Shel, very powerful! Loving the new blg too :) x

  5. Hey Shelly, Love what you did with these 2 photos and it's perfect for this weeks theme. Love ya - Mom

  6. Very nice image - creative interpretation of the theme.

  7. Sorry I'm really late this week. I am really impressed with your photos, but even more so with your digital skills. This is really lovely and a perfect aged beauty.